Nabídky   CaMaZin K2 food supplement

CaMaZin K2 food supplement

CaMaZin K2 food supplement

How do vitamins and minerals affect bone tissue?

Bones are composed of proteins and minerals. The basis of strong bones is calcium, however, only when it is bound properly and becomes fixed to bone proteins.

Enriching one’s diet with calcium does not mean that a sufficient amount of calcium will reach the bone tissue. For that, a sufficient intake of additional minerals, mainly magnesium and zinc, and also vitamins, mainly D and K2, are necessary.



CaMaZinK2 is exceptional as it includes all five important components (minerals & vitamins) in a properly balanced ratio.


Who is CaMaZinK2 suitable for?

CaMaZinK2 can be recommended as osteoporosis prevention to all adults over 35 years old

CaMaZinK2 is very suitable mainly for people with an increased risk of osteoporosis:

1.    Post-menopausal women over the age of 50
2.    Osteoporosis in parents or other close relatives
3.    Petite physique
4.    More frequent incidence of fractures
5.    Bad nutrition
6.    Lack of physical activity
7.    Smoking, frequent alcohol intake



Osteoporosis can also be caused by the long-term intake of some medications

CaMaZinK2 is also very suitable for women in the first two years after giving birth, mainly while breastfeeding


Micronisation: the active ingredients in CaMaZinK2 are in the form of microscopic particles, which improves and accelerates their absorption.


Vitamin K2 helps maintain normal bone condition by directing calcium properly to the bones so that it is not deposited in the veins.


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